Mythical city " par excellence " among the ancient cities, Babylon shines, even today, in the " Great History " of civilizations and the echo of its greatness reached us intact.

There's been a first babylonian empire which collapsed in 1 600 BC. One retains of this Babylon, the big epic of Gilgamesh, drafted in written shape and the astronomy, the babylonian creation with its lunar months, from 29 to 30 days. The fall of Assyria in 605 BC provoked a brief return of power of Babylon, the Neo-Babylonian empire with the famous reign of Nabuchodonosor (605-562) BC.

Here is the city of Nabuchodonosor, the city of the magnificences and the " processional avenues ". Disproportionate city when one compares it with other ancient cities. City of clay where glitters the blue of doors and the green of palm plantations. Town of the legends where the exceptional towers merge with written biblical and where, for the beautiful eyes of a concubine, one makes to build one of the seven wonders of the world.

Babylon gives an outline of its last splendour when one reads this inscription about the construction acts of Nabuchodonosor :

" " I finished Babylon, the sublime city, the city of Mardouk The Lord and its great walls. Close to the threshold of his gates, I placed gigantic bulls, which nobody had made before. My father has surrounded the city of two bulwarks of asphalt and cooked bricks and me, I built a third robust wall and joined it to the walls of my father. I posed their bases on the threshold of the subterranean world and I raised their summit as a mountain ".