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The Colosseum
and its magnificent site. Left the buttresses of the temple of Claudius. In the foreground are the gladiators schools, “ludi gladiatorii”. Right the Baths of Titus. In the background you can guess the temple of Venus and Rome. The Colosseum was a monumental construction just by the entrance to the Roman Forum.

The Colosseum (or Flavian amphitheatre) measured 527 m in circumference and 57 m in height, and was slightly elliptic. It had four levels, of which three levels of arcades. To protect the audience against sun or rain, one could draw a linen (Velum) awning, that can be guessed rolled on the edge of the roof, which would cover most of the seats. No doubt that this monument is one of the most impressive in the antique world. The interior was just as fascinating.

The Colosseum in a closer sight from the Ludus Magnus side.