The Capitol, REGIO VIII,(Capitolium) one of the seven hills of Rome, was the religious heart of Rome. The main temple, in the centre of the picture, is that of Jupiter Capitolinus, or Jupiter the Best and Holiest. Several times burnt down, always rebuilt at the same place. It was the political and religious symbol of Rome. Several cities also had their own Capitol. The hill is composed of two peaks, right the Arx, and in the foreground the Capitolium. The promontory at the bottom of the picture is the Tarpeian Rock, as well as the hundred steps stairs. It was from the top of this rock that traitors were hurled to their death. By the end of the Empire, the esplanade was completely covered by sanctuaries and monuments. The Capitol closes, in the north-west end the depression of the Roman Forum seen in the foreground.

In the centre of the picture we see the north peak of the Capitoline hill the Arx or citadel, which had been fortified since the origin of Rome.

Bird’s-eye view with the Theatre of Marcellus in the background, and in the far, the Tiber. You notice the Capitoline esplanade and the heaping up of small temples, arches; altars, trophies, memorial columns.

Down at the bottom of the Capitol, lies the Roman Forum, left. On the Capitoline hill were celebrated the most important ceremonies, the triumphs, and the investiture of the consuls on January 1st.