The Emperor Domitian had this stadium bult in the Campus Martius for gymnastic or sporting events. The Stadium looked like the Circus, but had no carceres nor spina. The arena was 276 m long by 54 m wide. Today the Piazza Navona has kept the form and the dimensions of it.

The Stadium of Domitian under another angle. A little further left of the Stadium, you recognize a part of the Baths of Nero with its gardens, (small red roofs and a garden with cypresses) and upper right, the Odeon (semicircular theatre with a green roof). The Stadium in a panoramic view. .

Bird’s eye view of another Stadium, built under the Emperor Domitian. This stadium, also called Hippodrome, is built between the Domus Augustana and the Baths of Septimius Severus on the Palatine. It was actually a large pit of 145 m in length, surrounded by porticoes . It is not clear whether this stadium was used for games reserved for the Emperor, or was a garden and training field opened to the public. You notice on the right side of the stadium (in the middle), the semicircular exedra where the imperial box was.