This complex of buildings is a group of porticoes and small temples that is leaning against the foot of the Acropolis and the wall of Cimon. It dates back to the 4e century B.C. as well as the theatre of Dionysus.

The Asklepion is the cult of the god of medicine introduced into Athens with the help of Sophocles (20) thus the Enkoimeterion, which is the two storeys building, was used as a dormitory for the sick people. The left angle of the building is leaning against the rock. There, was the “Bothros”, a sacred well located in a natural cave in the rock at the level of the second floor. Facing the Enkoimeterion, you can see the small temple of Asklepios (21) with a prostyle of 4 doric columns, and along the way climbing to the Theatre of Dionysus, a portico dating from the Roman period (22). The Enkoimeterion seen from above.

Left of the Enkoimeterion, along the cliff, you can see a Ionian portico that might have been the lodge of the priests (19).

Still on the left hand side stands a complex of small monuments looking like temples (23), among which one of them could be the temple of Themis, mentionned in some texts. The two sanctuaries completely on the left have a less precise location. One assumes that at this place should stand the temple of Aphrodite Pandemos and the sanctuary of Demeter Chloe.