Anybody who would like to speak about famous monuments of the Acropolis, apart from the Parthenon, would first mention the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (16). This fabulous financier let dig this theatre in the rock in 160 A.D.. It could host an audience of 5000 people. According to the Greek habit, the cavea ( the rows ) is cut out in the cliff and is protected against collapses by external buttresses. At the feet of the rows was the orchestra with a semi circular shape, and finally logeion or the stage.

On the model, the Odeon appears as it is today, and not as a reconstitution as the other buildings. This anachronism allows me to present you one of the most magnificent and best preserved sites of the Acropolis.

This picture allows you to see all the intact buttresses, as well as the entire rows, which are still used for concerts and festival evenings. The grandeur and the beauty of this theatre, which the time never succeeded to destroy, contribute still today to the promotion of art.

This picture let you better visualize how the Odeon of Herodes Atticus is located on the side of the Acropolis according to the Greek method of construction.

A close up of the portico of the propylon in the centre of the picture (16a) and of the access to the auditorium, on the right hand side.