The ruins of the Parthenon dominate the whole complex of the Acropolis, not only through their imposing mass, but also through their beauty and prestige (1). The building of the Parthenon was due to Pericles who entrusted the task to Phidias. Externally the Parthenon is a doric temple. It lays on a marble base of three levels. It’s a perfect construction where each detail has been calculated to produce its effect.

Thus, the building contains almost no straight line, the base has a convex shape and all the columns have a slight constriction in their middle. Located on the highest platform of the Acropolis, the floor of the peristyle was exactly at the same level as the highest point of the eastern colonnade of the Propylæa. Inside the colonnade, the sanctuary form a wide rectangle. This architectural masterpiece is adorned with a sculpted decoration of a unique kind.

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From wherever you contemplate it, the Parthenon offers an incomparable sight.