The Tiber Island, a peaceful place in the middle of the river, the shape of which reminds that of a ship. According to the legend, a roman embassy was in charge of bringing back to Rome one of the sacred serpents of the temple of Ăsculapius from Epidauros. Immediately after the arrival of the ship, the snake escaped and swam to the island in the Tiber. On this place, on the point of the island was erected the temple dedicated to Ăsculapius, god of medicine. In addition to the temple of Ăsculapius, the island housed some other temples and constructions of less importance. This island did particularly make it easier to build bridges to link both sides of the river. At the top left of the picture the theatre of Marcellus.

The Tiber Island seen from the upper river. On the right side is the Trastevere, and in the background the Forum Boarium and the Ămilius bridge can be guessed.

The temple of Ăsculapius with an obelisk facing it, the obelisk of the Island.

The shape of the island has often been compared to a vessel. The island was situated in the curve of the Tiber, just opposite the theatre of Marcellus, that can be seen on the southern bank of the river.