The Forum Boarium (cattle market) can be easily recognized by its round temple of Vesta, on the right at the bottom of the picture, and the temple of Fortuna Virilis, (Temple of the human fortune), rectangular temple of the republican era, hidden on the left of the temple of Vesta by two porticoes. These two temples are very well kept in today’s Rome. Higher you see the district of the Velabro, stuck between the Palatine, on the right, and the Capitoline, on the left. In the centre stands the Arch of Janus, with its openings on the four sides. This was a public gate under which went busy streets. It was also the border of the Forum Boarium. Here a panoramic view of the Forum Boarium, seen from the other bank of the Tiber.

The Forum Boarium in the south angle. Almost in the centre of the picture, the Arch of Janus. Left of the picture, the Ĉmilius bridge and the Sublicius bridge. The Forum Boarium was a strategic place for the commerce. The ships that went up the Tiber, which was then navigable docked on the left bank, by the Ĉmilius bridge. You see the Capitoline hill on the top of the picture, and the Palatine on the right, this is what forms the valley of the Velabro. Another Forum, the Forum Holitorium (vegetables market), was an access way between the Forum Boarium and the Theatre of Marcellus.

The small valley between the hills of Palatine and Capitol is called Velabro. The Velabro was initially a small river that went down from the hill of Viminale, through the Forum, and ended up in the Tiber. For a long time a marshy area, it was drained at the beginning of the reign of the Etruscan kings. An important way goes through it, the Vicus Tuscus , that comes to the Forum between the Basilica Julia and the temple of Dioscuri. This way goes in the front of the temple of deified Augustus, at the top left. At last, alongside the walls of the Palatine, you see at the top of the picture, a part of the great wheat warehouses, which were probably built by Marcus Agrippa and partly by Germanicus, Augustus’s grandson. The way that goes alongside the Capitol in the centre of the picture is the Vicus Iugarius..

Seen much closer, here is, opposite to the temple of deified Augustus, the Pacis Library , and behind the Vestibule of the Imperial Palaces, linked to the Palatine.