The Emporium was an immense complex of warehouses situated by the entrance gate of the Tiber. Here were piled up all the goods coming from everywhere. The greatest of these warehouses was called the Æmelius portico , built by the ædiles of 193 B.C. and was almost 500 m long. On the top of the picture appear the banks of the Trastevere.

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Another view angle of the Emporium, seen from the Trastevere (tras-Tevere = over the Tiber). You notice the length of the Æmelius portico. Some other warehouses were built around, among which in the background, the famous Galba warehouses.

The Horrea Galbæ, (Galba Granaries) are huge warehouses built behind the Æmelius Portico, the slaves of the Emporium used to live there, and maybe as well imprisoned slaves (ergastuli). They were vast granaries that belonged during the first century B.C. to the Sulpicii Galbæ family, the family of the future Emperor Galba. The tomb of Sulpicius Galba, consul in 108 B.C., stands close to the warehouses.